Sunday, 10 October 2010

A new site for Ulverston -

Now completely independently of the council a private individual is producing a web site for tourists that is something that is already special and will get better as more and more is added to it and others chip in to help. Let's hope it makes a real impact next season.

Have a look at

If you like it, refer to it on your web site or blog so that it sails to the top of a Google search for "Ulverston" where you may think it deserves to be.

The more references to it, the higher it will rise in the Google ratings.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Where to find me now !

I'm unable to cope with this blog as well as the other ones I write.

I have therefore switched from here to what has become my main blog dealing with all aspects of Ulverston, Cumbria

You will find me now active at "Discussing topics to do with Ulverston"

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Why I am here!

Prompted by the squabbling 'kids with no names' on the Westmorland Gaz forum topic - Cumbria - A tribute to Ian Boydon who is one of the few of us that are 'Real'.

I'm not so attracted to Cumbria as to Ulverston in Cumbria.

I've left here twice and arrived thrice.

It's a combination of the size and its location!

(as I write, I am standing back and asking "Why am I writing this ?" - and I realise it's a bit like writing a diary but here I'm being prodded to think by other people!)

Yes Ulverston, Cumbria - size and location - as my ad for The Falls used to say "where the moors and the mountains come down to the sea"

12,000 population is a magic number and I'm sure that Glaxo attracted positive active people who made a great mix with a population that had deep roots and were comfortable with things as they've 'always' been.

And rain - I love it!

If its cold lashing rain it pelts my face so that it tingles (and it feels really good to get inside that front/back door and shelter withing two foot thick walls and behind a door that has been there for 150 years a feeling of sanctuary within an old friend that has been built for ever with a lot of thought (The Falls).

I love the greenery the rain produces - contrast with Walnut Creek near San Francisco where the land is always dull, lifeless brown.

When you've lived in America you appreciate the pronominal variety of the skyscape here - many varieties of clouds in subtle colours and you learn how boring to have blue skies every day - yuk!

Then I find that its magical to have the smells and wildlife that emerge as you walk out after the rain.

In drizzle I enjoy the raindrops on flowers and running down the branches, twigs and leaves of trees.

In a real downpour the excitement of getting absolutely drenched when just trying to make it across the road (here I remember trying to cross Sautergate at the bottom with streams running down both gutters) and the feeling of the water sloshing about in my shoes - what the hell - I can get back to my home - these days in the warm central heating - in the old days crouched up to the anthracite cast iron stove - put "French stove" into Google

and the first three pictures will show you one we brought it over with us when we escaped back to Britain before 'The War' - no not the first!!

Having got back to 'safety' - strip all those clothes off, have a bath (for luxury) or just a thorough rub down and back into fresh dry clothes ready for the next adventure.

Wow, have I waxed lyrical .

See ya.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Absolute outrage at Israel's actions

As I hear the news this morning, my feelings lead me to have to do something.

This is an outlet.

I only hope that Andrew Marr's interview with Brown reveals some ray of hope for action from Britain.

Is Obama going to express a view.

Coro packed for a concert last night !

Not a seat left!

A fun 'classical' concert was attended by several hundred politely happy people in Ulverston's Coro on Saturday 4th January.

It was Manchester Camerata's first concert of the year 2009 and I bet you missed it!

"Manchester Camerata’s New Year concert this year is Viennese with a difference! Not only will there be a magical sprinkling of Strauss favourites, we have also introduced some of Elgar’s most romantic music, played for you by the stunning cellist Hannah Roberts. Your genial host for the evening will be conductor, Timothy Redmond."

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Monday, 29 December 2008

Walking down the Canal

Lovely crisp cold sunny weather.

Lots of swans about.

Unusual visitors:

One of at least ten Waxwings feeding on the Rose Hips!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Fell runners 'enjoy' the challenge of the severe weather

Not the slant given by the reporting on the news.

Even by the official news reports.

First, I am not well informed of all the facts but this for me raises an important issue:

Can we not be allowed to risk our lives doing things we want to even though sometimes we get it wrong?

As a supreme risk taker - I love pitting my wits against the odds, both physically and mentally - I believe it develops my personality by being allowed to take whatever risks I want.

If I kill myself - so be it - that is what makes life worth living!

The big question is - do I cause problems for others?

So - do they - when doing whatever they do - have to endanger themselves.

Have they got the strength of character themselves to say:

This guy got himself into this mess - he can jolly well get himself out of it.

As for public expense - there's a lot to be said for testing our systems to check they work now and again.

Secondly, its good to encourage people to test themselves against the odds - that's why I think skateboarding for kids is brilliant - so are team sports which encourage cooperation and reliance on each other !

Six dogs and a ball - what fun!

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Monday, 20 October 2008

What a video!

Well done Tricia - ex-pupil of Victoria High - whoever you are.

Thoroughly enjoyed a well crafted piece of film - more - more!

For more from Tricia see here.

Wish I knew how she does it - I guess that's what happens when you go to 'Uni' these days.

And here's another - they really hit the right spot with me!

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Ulverston Art Trail

Download your own Flyer for this event with its Art Trail map and details.

If you want a map to print out , you may prefer this one from Google

For lots of photos and a little bit of fun visit the Art Trail web site!

Art Trail 1 and 2

So tell us about yourselves!

Art Trail 3 and 4

Below Allan tells us about himself and what he is doing in the world of photography:

If you want your Christmas Card to stand on the shelf of your friend/loved one, way after Christmas is over - buy a card from him and it will be treasured!

The rest will head for the bin!

Art trail 5 and 6

For an interview of Tina on Youtube with some views of what was on show last time she opened her house see here!

Art Trail 7 and 8

Art Trail 9 and 10

So tell us about yourselves!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


New link added to your left.

Downpour is forecast this afternoon, Tuesday, at 16:00.

Watch out!

This will be nothing compared with a week's time

Tuesday and Wednesday, 21st an 22nd - solid rain

Dragley Beck will burst it's banks again if the forecast is right.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Global Warming - facts

Many people suggest that global warming doesn't exist.

Here are the facts as presented by the Met Office.

The black line represents the average temperature change of actual observed figures.

Is it rising, steady or going down?

The green area represents predictions from various sources as to what that would be if no human activity was taking place.

The next graph shows the same actual figures in black set against the predictions that include the effects of human activity.

My conclusions are that:

Average temperatures are rising.

The predicted estimates are about right

So what are your conclusions?

That the Met office are lying?

That the black line will suddenly dip?

If this was a graph of the water level at your front door - would you:

Get Sand Bags?

Buy a Pump?

Go back and watch Tele?

Get the politicians to agree to do something about the cause? - Fast?

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Croftlands Infant school

Great school but where do you find a good Junior School?

Great music

Start with Manchester Camerata fantastic Brahms Violin Concerto then into the Braddyll Arms to meet old friends and listen to live Jazz - Every Thursday - two groups alternate fortnights.

Great evening - sleep well- invigorated - ready for action next day!

What a town!

Great places to visit

After an enjoyable walk through Sea Wood go up through Birkrigg Common to the top , listen out for the Peacock, then down to the wall near the stone circle, over the gate and down the track to Bardsea.

Stop off for a refreshing drink - no not at the first pub you come to but carry on down the street to "The Ship" - great Landlord and good food and drink, down the road for an icecream and back to the car.

Aching muscles next few days.

Great memories - Sky Larks, sheep and the bay!

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Dog Activity at Ford Park

It's great taking your dog to Ford Park as the chances are that your dog will meet and have a good run with other dogs.

My experiences is that they are all very friendly even though some have an undeserved reputation for being dangerous.

Well loved dogs are I believe lovable. Dangerous dogs have dangerous owners!

On our part we pick up all dog shit and more than this clear up all stones (that will damage mower blades) and litter. Thank you Ford Park Management - Jackie and Colin!

Sexy goings on:

Two nude males and one excited female who quickly gets her kit off. Lots of delicious sniffing - what a disgusting example to the kids don't you think - or maybe this is normal - and its we humans that have got it all wrong!

Boring film of two dogs a ball and a commentator!

Two Dalmatians one after t'other.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Where else than Ulverston?

Liz at tinner's Rabbit says Goodbye

Because I use a bloody-minded Sony camera, Editing sound, for me, is impossible (no Geoff - nothing is impossible !) well extremely difficult!,I will add some suitable(?) music later!

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Blue Van 723PAJ - Your Lucky Day

Photo of the guy what did it! -

When I yelled

"Get off that mobile phone"

He stopped

Turned round.

Said "What?

"Get off that Mobile phone"

"Fuck off"


The Blue Van driver, here, had a lucky escape!

These are the photos I got of him using his mobile phone while driving past me!

Next time, with decent photo, it will be the court room -

The police have agreed to run with it!

Saturday, 16 August 2008

New 'homes' in Ulverston

Well someone doesn't seem to think much of these 'new' flats !

Why build Slums here?

has been written on these hoardings in Upper Brook Street
I agree with the sentiment! These flats will be worse to live in than any 19 century buildings that we now call slums. The outlook of all but a few windows is onto walls a few feet away
Only one of the 'flats' has its own bedrooms above its living room. With the remaining eight flats, all the living rooms are either above or below someone else's bedrooms.

Imagine what will happen when one of the occupants has their tele turned up loud or decides to practice on their drum kit.

The only people who will be able to cope are those on drugs who will be 'away with the fairies' in the land of make-believe.

Welcome to modern Ulverston

How did these get past our Town and District Councillors ?

Were they asleep?

Road Signs -Why Bother

Increased disregard for the rules in Ulverston?

What do you think?

Friday, 27 June 2008

A vision of housing for Ulverston

A model for the country !

"I'm fed up with hearing people whinge about house prices and do nothing" states Geoff Dellow. "So here's a challenge: Give up your telly and six pack for an hour and join others in the community who are going to stand up and be counted. The Old Friends can supply the beer and the people there, the entertainment - better than Wimbledon - next Tuesday 1st July 7:30."

"I have a cunning plan" he promises!

Why is he involved? - Having lived in the Town for most of the last 45 years he enjoys working with the people in the town. "They're a great bunch. And get 'stuck in' to produce wonderful results"

Starting with Pathfinders at St Mary's in 1960 when he came to work for Glaxo he continued with the Town Mill project in 1975, followed by The Carnival in The Gill in the 80s with Welfare State. Then he campaigned for the Mill Dam Playground when it was left as a heap of rubble next to the old people's Homes by the Council. He again got campaigning over The Rusland Beeches in 1996. More recently he supported the Flag Fortnight and the Lantern Procession with a web site devoted to Ulverston - together with features on Youtube. He has several blogs - and for example.

Why Housing Now? "I feel for the young people of similar age to me when I first came to the town to work for Glaxo."

" I was able to buy a substantial house in Beech Bank for £900 which then was the same as my annual wage. Now I wouldn't stand a chance of buying anything similar. So I'm going to do something about the situation by bringing people together to shout for what they want. Then some people will listen - there are always people who help others who help themselves.

"My dream is to create a Housing Association or Community Trust that enables the building of a wide variety of houses on Stone Cross land. This would bring together a wide range of people -some building their own small timber frame houses to much large properties for the well heeled with some creative use of small flats. We don't want the worst of the estate culture nor do we want gated communities that keep the 'thugs' out. Ulverston is a town where most people know each other and there is great friendliness - lets continue the tradition.

99% of people get on well with each other when they get to become acquainted. It's the stereotypes that cause the problem. Even now those seeking Affordable Housing are seen as the dregs of society if you read SLDC documents. There's a Not-in-my-back-yard attitude to this kind of development - so lets mix people up a bit with a variety of houses with a variety of people living in them.

Stone Cross offers the opportunity to create something special - lets not leave it to the Land developers like Persimmon with their ticky tacky houses that are all the same.

Let's think big and aim high.
"Can't isn't in my vocabulary"

Difficult - yes. Very Difficult - definitely. Impossible - never!.

Geoff Dellow
Aha ! is being formed.
We could be 'storming' the Neighbourhood Forum later in the month to get the politicians to take note!

Come back for details.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Aha !

Affordable Housing Action will have its first meeting at The Old Friends, Soutergate, Ulverston at 7.30 pm July 1st.

To discuss the alternatives to achieve this in Ulverston.

In particular self-build (timber frame houses) at Stone Cross within a Housing Association framework.

Contact Geoff Dellow - gd at if interested.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Affordable Housing : Getting the Neighbourhood Forum to do its job

The purpose of the Neighbourhood Forum is to enable good two way communication between the local people and the politicians in the Area.

The Following County Councillors run it
(for details of address, email and phone number click here)

Pauline M. Halfpenny CON

Need for women councillors

Police Authority Member Pauline Halfpenny, who will chair the evening, said: “This is a unique opportunity for people from South Lakeland to tell the Police Authority what they think"

John C. Hemingway LD

Consultation on Improving Mental Health Services in Cumbria
from 9 June 2008 to 30 September 2008

Wendy A. Kolbe LAB

Presents the case in favour of keeping Dale Street Infants to the Cumbria County Council Cabinet

Edward L. Grenville (Ted) Walsh CON

Power Boat Racing

Puts a halt to Kendal Cycle Route because of loss of car parking.

"I don't see that there is a significant safety hazard in biking through the car park during the day."

They refuse to do their job

They refuse to have Affordable Housing discussed in Ulverston

They refuse to do something further about this issue.

They claim that all that can be done is being done.

Aha - Affordable housing action is therefore being formed to get something done and get them to do their job:

That of encouraging the Community to get answers and take action.

Posters, press release and email publicity to follow.

Write to Geoff Dellow gd at (done to avoid SPAM) if you are interested.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Who are the vandals?

Parking on the grass at the Health Centre Car Park.

And she gave me a wave!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

We and our politicians are out of touch!

Almost daily politicians are making decisions that would not be ours.

An Academy for Barrow, no Post Office in Greenodd, no interest (by the politicians) in Skate Boarding in Ulverston, housing for the rich, very little for those on everyday incomes. Cars and obstructions on our pavements making walking difficult especially with a pram or invalid chair. Bobbies on the beat a rare occurrence.

House prices go soaring up and up. Government sits back and grunts. House prices going down – banks in turmoil - shock horror.

Roaming gangs, broken park benches, parents, teachers and politicians unable to cope and out of touch.

I tried to get some interest in some of these issues by going to the Town Council and the Neighbourhood Forum run by the County Council. Both give the impression that they welcome the participation of the public but in fact this is a charade.

I have challenged the Neighbourhood Forum to put housing on the agenda in Ulverston. They refuse and think that a meeting on a winter’s evening in Swarthmoor Hall was good enough.

Issues are evaded, politicians avoid getting involved. They attempt to reply with hollow statements of mock interest but look for excuses for inaction.

We lose interest and face the consequences.

It is great to find that some of us won’t put up with this behaviour.

What it does mean is that we have to spend time and effort to get what we want!

Some of us are learning that we need to get involved in what happens around us and stand up and be counted. The Our Schools Are Not For Sale campaign is a good example. Our children’s upbringing is extremely important and is served by people not things.

A major problem is finding the will power to take on yet another problem.

My solution is live simply and not get satisfaction from things: cars, gadgets, clothes and food but rather in what I do.

Our government has got its priorities wrong. Improve quality not ‘our standard of living’, control profiteers, enable us to be able to make quality choices even if it may appear a harder life.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Another superb concert

Manchester Camerata in Ulverston - Thursday April 3rd 2008

They've done it again!

They've come up with a superb program with inspiring performances conducted and presented by Nicholas Kraemer.

This time very high marks to everyone, we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Even the first violins hiding behind the curtain. This time everyone gave it their all (previous times I've spotted just one or two showing rather bored expressions).

The interweaving of the various parts of the program made me pay full attention (partly because i didn't know what was going on) It felt good to be kept on one's toes.

Jennifer Pike was outstanding and for the first time in my life I have really listened to the Four Seasons. I noticed so much that has just past me by in the past. Thank you.

This was largely because it was a live performance and the musicians and conductor performed with passion.

I have every sympathy with them as they travel home after that. Thank you for traveling all the way to entertain us.

So what's next?

Meanwhile I've started making chords on my piano and practicing my fingerwork with a view to composing my own music - very exciting - we can all benefit from the encouragement of live performances, - you never know . . . what could happen!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Low Furness and Ulverston Neighbourhood Forum

Affordable Housing
Is this organisation doing its job?


The reason I raised the matter of Affordable Housing was that I got the impression from recent circulars that the Neighbourhood Forum had changed its view on including this topic on a future agenda.

I gather this is not the case.

Earlier last year Councillor Halfpenny agreed at a meeting of the Forum to put Affordable Housing on the next agenda for the Ulverston Meeting.

I arranged for Judith Derbyshire from Penrith to attend this meeting.

Very close to the meeting date the venue was switched to Swarthmore Hall two miles outside Ulverston which cannot be reached easily without a car.

This cannot be regarded as Ulverston and resulted in a low attendance with at the most five members of the public present. The majority were present in connection with the other issues on the agenda or officers of SLDC - some were Quakers, there because of their association with the Hall. Not even the local Councillor Colin Hodgson (who normally attends regularly) attended.

Two of the public expressed their dismay to me afterwards that Affordable Housing had not been discussed in Ulverston itself. I have spoken to a lot of people in Ulverston that are deeply concerned about this issue. Many have children aged 20 - 30 still living with them because they cannot find suitable accommodation.

The following is clear:

Affordable Housing has not been discussed at the Neighbourhood Forum in Ulverston as agreed.

If the Neighbourhood refuse to do so they are not fulfilling their obligation under the remit set forward by the Cumbria County Council.

Taken from the County Council web site:

What are Neighbourhood Forums for?

Neighbourhood Forums help local councillors to voice your needs and wishes

Neighbourhood Forums provide opportunities for people to work together and get things done locally

Neighbourhood Forums are informal meetings where we can exchange information and discuss matters in person

Neighbourhood Forums provide an opportunity for small grants to be fairly distributed to community groups

Neighbourhood Forums help your County Council to target services more effectively

I believe only the issue of small grants is being handled well.

I understand that in the early days when the Forum was first set up that there were large attendances at the Forum from the public, however people lost interest when they found it was being manipulated by the County Councillors.

Now the meetings are poorly advertised and poorly attended in Ulverston - I found out about them through a church notice board in the village of Finsthwaite - I have never seen a poster for the Forum in Ulverston in contrast to the activities of the Ulverston Artists Assoc. which are everywhere.

In our view the Forum meetings should not be chaired by County Councillors but by members from the Community who are 'non-politicians'. The former should be there to convey the views of the Public to the County Council not to control proceedings.

We believe that what is needed is a bottom up organisation where the public is in charge of the Forum and the Councillors are in their to 'serve the public interest'.

If there is a rethink of the way the Forum is run I am sure there would be less apathy to politics and the Forum in particular.

I would like an answer from the Councillors that run the Forum.

Do they refuse to have a meeting at the Coronation Hall Ulverston to discuss Affordable Housing?

Will they reconsider the way the Forum is run?

I am including copies of this email to Councillor Hodgson and the local M.P. Tim Farron who i know to be particularly interested in this issue.


Geoff Dellow

On 31 Mar 2008, at 11:11, Whitehead, Dianne wrote:

Dear Geoff

Your e-mail asking for confirmation that affordable housing will be on the agenda for the next forum meeting has been passed to me.

Affordable Housing was on the agenda of the meeting at Swarthmoor which was attended by both Brenda Gray, the SLDC Cabinet member with responsibility for Housing and Judith Derbyshire from Cumbria Rural Housing Trust. I am aware that at the end of that meeting you asked for it to go on the agenda again, , but I can only repeat the response that you were given then. We had just had a meeting with the relevant people there and we would not repeat it again until there was some change in the situation.

We all accept that affordable housing is an important issue, but I am not clear what you are trying to achieve by requesting it again at the neighbourhood forum meeting. If you can explain that to me, I may be able to advise you on the most appropriate route, but I honestly don’t believe that having the issue on the agenda again is going to help


Dianne Whitehead

Area Support Manager, Cumbria County Council, County Offices

Kendal, LA9 4RQ

01539 773157, 07970 043229,

Friday, 28 March 2008

Could this be Ulverston on Friday June 12th ?

Sarah-Jane Morris with Anthony Hewitt at The Coro

See Youtube !

She does have a quiet side as well!

And the even quieter!


Saturday, 1 March 2008

New Academy in Barrow

This proposal needs fighting with everything we have.

Here is a new web site for up to date information at

Our Schools Are Not For Sale

Monday, 4 February 2008

Robert Hart, Intuitive Media, SuperClubsPLUS and ICTOPUS

Bob's work greatly interests me as he is encouraging young children to design their own web sites in his clubs.

However I've expressed my doubts about children spending too much time at the computers when they could be going on real adventures in the real world. Furthermore the way that a supposedly independent educational organisation - ICTOPUS are handling there blog is in my view a disgrace and quite dishonest. So I have tried to replicate the discussion before it was deleted by Heather Govier and the ICTOPUS team. At the moment I've lost complete faith in their objectivity.

I hope those in this area will think twice before supporting Robert Hart's clubs which include SuperClubsPlus. My concerns are expressed on my "Why?" blog.

Thursday, 31 January 2008

Manchester Camerata have done it again !

A superb concert.

On what a night! The wind even tried to play a bass part as it tried to get into the Coro.

Thanks for all turning out for us in Ulverston, and we here did you proud - though it was great to be joined by people who had travelled all the way from . . . . Manchester.

Siegfried demanded some very good playing with so few instruments.

The Richard Strauss was magical with brilliant clarinette and bassoon. Never heard it before - but clearly Strauss.

But the piece that really blew my mind and emotions was Beethoven's 7th.

Every one of the orchestra were playing as if their lives depended on their playing. They were clearly enjoying themselves and so did wee.

The conductor conveys his feelings so well and everyone is behind him.

Putting the trumpets next to the Timpani was sheer briliance. They played as one instrument - what a sound.

And then the Flautist and Oboe player were magnificient - he was even playing with his eyebrows ! - every part of his body was expressing the music and the Oboe player was expelling every note with with shakes of the head and hair to give them extra impetous.

Any chance of the woman in the front row of the violins being given the leaders job now and again - she has real spirit!

The audience were buzzing as they walked down the street with the wind in their sails. The strains of the last movement and the slow movement mixed with the wind in the trees as humans and leaves (uninvited!) scuttled home to warm houses!

Monday, 5 November 2007

Friday, 19 October 2007

What's happening in the shops and supermarkets in the town

What are all these flags flying outside shops in the town?

Seems like we've got some really go ahead Fashion shops.

What new activities are coming up in the town?

Is there a society or club you'd like to tell us about?

Is there a show coming up that you would recommend?

What's new for the young people in the town?

What do they think of the town's facilities?

Have they got some views to express?

Does everything favour those with money?

Do they think the schools in the area provide really good teaching?

Which are their favourites?

What's new in the Town Council

Can someone tell us?

Monday, 8 October 2007

Anyone recommend a good pub?

Over to you!

Ulverston - the little town with the big heart

What do we think about the motto chosen to grace the Ulverston sign perched by the Shell garage on the A590?

See Jench's comment to the 'Sharing your views' post below!

I can anticipate some humorous coments on one of the alternatives!

Sharing your views

Is there a topic you'd like to discuss or hear other people's views about.

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Live entertainment in the area

Does anyone have ideas of where to go for live entertainments?
Would you like to tell us of an activity that the people in the area would enjoy?
Is there an event coming up that any one would like to recommend?
If we get a good response we can lay things out here so that differnet activities can be slotted into different areas

Over to you.

Future of the Flag Fortnight and the Lantern Procession

Major changes are underway in the reorganisations of both these events at present.

Flag Festival - the group running this event are at this very moment reconstituting themselves. It is hoped that it will be possible to run this with a convenor or facilitator who coordinates others. It is felt that there is a desparate need to rebuild this group or this event is in danger of ceasing to exist. Elizabeth Green, Jean Povey and Geoff Dellow are some of those still involved.

Have you a view ? Shall we disband and all go home and watch TV ? Was this last year a success?

Lantern Procession. Apparently the organisation for this event is being handed down to a Community based organisation. Lanternhouse International is reported to be stepping down from being in charge of this event after a period of over twenty years of involvement (though nothing could be found to this effect on the Lanternhouse website -

A meeting is being organised by the Lantern Supporters Club in the Old Friends at 6.30 pm Monday, October 15th. All those interested are urged to attend - however the choice of time may not be convenient to many.

If you are interested leave a message here and your details will be passed on. Please give name email (and phone if possible).

It has been suggested that the comments expressed in connection with the Flag Festival are equally applicable here as there has already been some evidence of certain people muscling in on the organisation to the detriment of the spirit of cooperation instilled by the event in the past.

What are your views?

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Beautiful photos of the area with great music

Here are Linda's photos which I persuaded her to part with accompanied by music I chose!
Leave her a comment if you enjoyed them and we might get together and do some more !

Friday, 5 October 2007

Misty morning heralds a beautiful day

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . View across Ulverston at 7 am from our bedroom window!

And an exciting day followed with me learning how to upload this picture!

The "myulverston" website

What do you honestly think of it?

What new things would you like to see on it?

What questions do you have about Ulverston?

What do you think of the posts so far?

Can we share a conversation?

Where are you from?


Why do performers just love coming to Ulverston?

We seem to get more than our share of excellent shows and music here in Ulverston.

Why is this do you think?

Are we returning to be the culturing centre of the South Lakes as we were one hundered and fifty years ago?

We seem to be doing well with our festivals

Is there a danger of getting too complacent?

The Flag Fortnight meeting last night was a bit of a disaster last night with very lttle involvement from the Town.

Was that because people don't want to get involved?

Or is it because they feel excluded from the people at the heart of the Festival ?

We ended with only three people willing to stay the course.

What next?

Is it important to you that it survives?

Do you think that it's going to happen anyway even if you do nothing?

Will things happen in the future if we all stay at home and watch Tele?

The official Ulverston Website at

What are your views of the official site (not this one!?

Do you feel it is as bad as described in the Press?

What reassurance would you give to Jayne Kendall who has worked so hard?

What improvements would you like to be made?

Would you or your organisation like a place to post information about your society or organisation that can be read by the whole world?

We could try to do this here with a different set up.

Shall we give it a go?

It will cost nothing other than your input.

Are there other topics that you would like to discuss - just list them and we'll kick them off!

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Manchester Camerata tonight!

Just returned from a thrilling concert.

What did you enjoy most?

Tell us why you enjoyed it -Where you were thrilled by the sound of that cello in the concerto by Saint-Saens? ( I read that its a Giovanni Grancino 'cello made in 1695 - those low notes - wow) - Most people were bowled over by Hannah Robert's playing. My hands were sore from clapping at the end.
Nancy Clampton said that she'd pay £20 just to hear that piece over again.

And wasn't the oboe player fantastic! - She (Rachael Clegg) is playing Concerto for Oboe by Vaughan Williams next concert on Thursday November 15th. It's great watching someone playing as though she would gladly die playing her heart out.

Douglas Boyd made every piece special by conducting with everything he's got (a friend couldn't take her eyes off his bum I understand) something the rest of the orchestra pick up on (except one or two ! ! yes we noticed!)

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Monday, 1 October 2007

Share your views

Ulverstonians are bounding with enthusiasm.

And this energy turns into real happenings.

Take the Lantern festival.

Wasn't it great.

Is there a danger that it won't happen next year?

Do you want to get involved in organising it?

Or do you just want to be there and join in the fun ?

The whole town - well most of it - goes 'creative' and the memories linger on.

How many years has it been going?

Who started it?

Where did the idea come from?

Tell us - you can - just press "comment'